Poconos Oil PricesWe deliver great quality, competitively priced fuel oil to Monroe County and the Poconos (as well as Northampton, Lehigh & Carbon counties). Additionally, we have listened to our customers and are proud to announce that we also offer online heating oil ordering for your convenience. Our customers are now able to purchase and schedule Pocono oil delivery directly online.

Current Poconos oil prices can be found below:

online oil ordering




warm winterStay comformatable this winter with R.F. Ohl’s automatic oil delivery plans with great oil prices Poconos. We keep your fuel oil tank full with #2 heating oil so your home or business stays warm and you can stop worrying about running out of heating oil! Ask our customer service professionals about our discount fuel oil prices for Poconos homes & businesses.


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How can R.F. Ohl provide such low oil prices?
there are many things affecting the delivered price per gallon of home heating oil. Many fuel oil suppliers have the following costs that impact their price per gallon of delivered oil:

  1. Cost to carry money (receivables)
  2. Bad Debt
  3. Office Staff Labor
  4. Delivery Costs

R.F. Ohl’s online oil service significantly reduces and/or eliminates these expenses. For example, oil orders are handled online which reduces our overhead expenses of labor and phone costs. Payment processing is handled automatically, prior to the delivery of oil and that eliminates bad debt and receivable carrying costs. Oil deliveries are planned and routed in advance, thus reducing delivery expenses. Our streamlined approach of online ordering allows us to pass these savings along to our online customers. Keep in mind that R.F. Ohl certainly still offers a complete line of products and services via the “traditional” way, however we know that many homes will find our online oil delivery service of great value!

Is there a minimum oil delivery?
Yes, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that our minimum oil delivery is only 100 gallons. Our online oil ordering system will inform you of the minimums and of any additional fees  for your zip code before your credit card is charged.

Do you deliver to businesses or just homes? What if I rent my home?
Online ordering for discount oil is a service for residential homeowners or rental customers only! Commercial customers are handled directly through the R.F. Ohl office. If you are a commercial customer, please call R.F. Ohl directly at (570) 213-5801 to discuss your individual situation. R.F. Ohl takes into account the specific needs of your business and custom-tailors a commercial account.

When can I expect my oil to arrive to my home?
Typically deliveries will be made within 2 business days. However, during incelment weather conditions or times of high demand, you may expect a delivery in 5 to 7 days.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?
No, there is no need for you to be home for the delivery UNLESS you ran out of oil and need a “prime and start” or your fill pipe is not accessible from outside. This is information that you should provide in the Special Instructions section.  The first time we make a delivery to your home, we will need to inspect the fuel oil piping to make sure everything is ok.  There is no charge for this inspection.

Will you deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?
Not for online ordering. We deliver Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) only.

I noticed the price dropped after I placed my order. Can I have it at the lower price?
Prices are set at the time you place your order not when the fuel is delivered.

I ordered more oil than my tank can hold. What do I do?
Nothing! Your credit card will be refunded within a few days of delivery.  Please be advised that there is a Short-Order Fee of $25 for deliveries where we are unable to deliver at least 90% of the gallons ordered.  This fee will be deducted from the amount of refund owed to you.  Also, your price will be adjusted to reflect the correct order quantity category.